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Buoder is professional manufacturer of marine airbags used for the ship launching, marine salvage and heavy lifting, and contractor of ship launching projects. Marine airbags, known as ship launching airbags or ship launching balloon, are made of heavy-duty syntetic-tire-cord layers with inner and outer rubber layers in long cylindrical balloon shape.

Buoder make high quality ship launching airbags by innovative Holistic Wrapping Technology. All Buoder marine airbags are manufactured and tested comply with ISO 14409 “Ships and marine technology – ship launching airbags”. Some our material and performance is higher than the request of ISO 14409.

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Projects Achievement

  • Maud Raised to Surface
    Maud Raised to Surface
    Our customer Mr.Jan Wanggaard with his team successful lift up Maud up from her 86 year long rest on the seabed. It’s our big...
  • ICDAS-11 Chemical Tanker Launching
    ICDAS-11 Chemical Tanker Launching
    20,000 DWT oil & chemical tanker ICDAS-11 was launched using Buoder ship launching rubber airbags. It’s one of representative ship launching project that our...

ISO 9001:2008

Buoder passed the strictly ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. All the All the production procedures have been carried out in accordance wit ISO 9001.
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ISO 14409:2011

All Buoder marine airbags are manufactured and tested comply with ISO 14409. Some material and performance is even higher than the ISO 14409.
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Third Party Certificate

Buoder marine airbags are certificated by third party comply with ISO 14409, such BV, LR, CCS. Now, we provide the BV third party certificate free of charge.
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Professional Equipment

Buoder equipped the most advanced production equipment from rubber mixing to the airbags holistic wrapping, and advanced inspection machine.
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Need qualified marine airbags can count on? Look no further!

Buoder marine airbag is a very powerful airbags which suits both shipyards professional launching way as well as no launching way. It will help you launch your vessels no worry with minimal effort and cost.

Why choose us?

  • We use the best natural rubber. Its content is over 55%
  • We use three strands synthetic-tire-cord 31kg breaking force
  • Unique Integrated Wrapping Technology, better performance
  • The lowest air leakage ratio of the whole industry
  • Strong enough to resist twisting and abrasion during rolling
  • Unique hydraulic burst test to common size airbags
  • The competitive price with the best quality
  • Best technical support and service after sales
floating dock launching marine airbags

Explore the Endless Possibilities in Its Various Application!

Buoder marine airbag is one kind of economical, efficient and super flexible marine inflatable airbags. It offers various application in the marine salvage, ship building and repair, marine construction. It is constantly improved with new and more advanced design and material. The main application include the below three industries.

ship launching marine airbags

Ship Launching and Landing

Marine airbags can be used for the ship launching and ship landing work as the roller airbags, marine rubber balloon. Ship launching relying on marine airbags is innovative ship launching technology, which overcomes the restiriction of flexed launching track of side-launch.

marine salvage marine airbags

Marine Salvage and Refloatation

Marine airbags equipped with the lifting straps and safety valves. Used for the marine salvage and buoyancy support. Used to savalge the shipwreck, rescure the floating bridge and dock construction, buoyancy loading from any deep water under severe environment.

heavy lifting marine airbags

Heavy Lifting and Moving

Buoder high-pressure heavy lifting airbags are the toughest large pneumatic lifting bags for the lifting and moving of huge & heavy structure, concrete caissons and other heavy equipment. The biggest lifting capacity of each heavy lifting airbag can reach more than 1,000 ton.

Users Reviews:

Join the 15 000 + Happy Users of Buoder Marine Airbags, see why they love it so much!

“The Buoder marine airbags have been a big asset to our marine division. The marine airbags are tuff, durable, and made of high quality material which meet our heavy load needs. Our several projects were finished easily with the help of these marine airbags. Additionally, the Buoder staff have always been extremely polite and courteous and have treated us in a very respectful and professional manner at all times.”  — Todd McDowell, Beyel Brothers

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